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With more than 150 companies and 250 conventions and groups visiting us every year, Fun Kart specializes in karting events for groups of 10 to 300 people. These events are ideal for anyone – individuals older than 15, or businesses (see the companies that have trusted us).  Included with your event, you receive:
  • Your choice of time period
  • Exclusive use of our 650-meter track
  • Full safety equipment, including racing suits and gloves in Winter
  • Electronic timer
  • Daily Licenses
  • For groups of 15 to 40, you can also enjoy a meal in the Snack Bar with a view of the tracks.

Team challenge with interstation

The Endurance Race is an excellent choice for any size group that wants to develop teamwork more than individual performance. This is a money saving formula, because there are fewer drivers per karts, which also enhances the team approach.

Endurance race description

  • TDepart-24h-endurance-race-at-FunKarthe group is divided into teams (the same number of teams as the number of karts).
  • The electronic timer shows the progress of the team as well as the performance of each racer throughout the race.
  • Racers can relay among themselves as much as they wish.
  • Trial times determine the racers’ positions on the starting grid.
  • After the initial trial period, the actual, full-length race follows.

Group size


  • Karts 390cc only - 10 to 75 persons

Example of The Endurance Race: (1 hour 15 minutes with 10 people)

  • Formation of 5 teams of 2 people.
  • Safety briefing.
  • Driver training.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Two 15-minute warm-up periods.
  • Formation of the starting grid.
  • One-hour race


Endurance race Pricing - Karts 390cc

Duration Price per Kart (all inclusive) Number of Drivers
1h15 154,00 € 2 Drivers per Kart
2h30 308,00 € 4 Drivers per Kart

Minimum of 5 Karts to Maximum of 17 Karts (-15% discount on weekdays, except national holidays)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further info.


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